10 Benefits to Selling Your House to MEGG Homes?

Are you just assuming that working with a Realtor is the only way to get your home sold? Plenty of people have success with Realtors. However, the setup of the traditional home-selling process doesn’t always benefit every seller. Even people who have good experiences with Realtors don’t typically have much experience with other options that can be used for comparison. There may be a better way to unload a property.

Some sellers discover that they can cut down on fees, headaches, and time spent “staging” and showing a home when they simply sell directly to MEGG Homes. Here’s a look at the 10 benefits that should at least make you consider selling your home directly to MEGG Homes.


You Don’t Have to Make Updates to Your Home

Is there anything less satisfying than pouring time, money, and energy into home updates just to be able to list your home on the market? The first thing you will experience in the traditional selling process is pointing out all of the things that will need to be fixed, replaced, changed, and updated before you can even think about putting your home on the market.


You Don’t Have to Deal With Open Houses, Staging, and Tours

Having a home on the market can feel like a full-time job! You will be cleaning your home constantly to impress potential buyers. You will need to be prepared to have a potential buyer drop in with zero notice any day of the week. The most discouraging part of it all is that the very few people who schedule home tours or visit open houses actually make offers.


You Can Say Goodbye to Commission Fees

You can expect to pay between 3 percent to 6 percent of what you earn on the home sale once a Realtor takes out commission fees. By selling your property to MEGG Homes, you will be able to save a big chunk on the bottom line.


You Can Say Goodbye to Closing Costs

Buyers often use the period leading up to closing to ask for the world! In fact, the sale of your home could become contingent upon your willingness to make updates and throw in extras. You will also be on the hook for tons of standard closing fees. One of the perks of selling to MEGG Homes is that we will help you every step of the way through the closing process.


Your Neighborhood Won’t Matter as Much

You hear it said all the time, “Location! Location! Location! The truth is, it can be a struggle knowing how to handle listings that aren’t located in “hot” neighborhoods. Your property could be considered a low priority on some agent’s list if it’s located in an “unpopular” neighborhood.


The Market Won’t Get You

Conditions in the housing market dictate almost everything when it comes to home offers. The thing about MEGG Homes is that the market conditions don’t stop us from doing what we do best; help to make the selling process easier.


Cash Will Be on the Table

Your real estate agent can’t make you any promises about a potential buyer’s ability to pay for your home. The final verdict on whether or not an offer can be accepted all comes down to what the buyer’s bank decides in almost all traditional transactions. However, we typically pay in cash. That means you can leave the ups and downs of the loan process behind!


MEGG Homes Can Save the Day When a Foreclosure Is Imminent 

The clock is really ticking once the foreclosure process is triggered because you only have a limited window where you can sell your home before the process is completed. That window lasts for just a few weeks in most states. You may be able to take a “shortcut” by skipping the traditional listing process in favor of just selling directly to MEGG Homes.


You Can Forget About Relisting

Working with a Realtor means that you’ll be entering into an agreement to sell your home within a set amount of time. What happens when the time comes without an accepted offer? Unfortunately, you’ll need to relist the property. That means essentially starting the process over. Relisted properties are often listed for less than the original listing price. This aspect of the real estate “game” becomes irrelevant if you sell directly to MEGG Homes.


Closing Is Quick and Easy

Few first-time sellers realize just how many people are involved in a home sale when the traditional route is used. Agents, lawyers, loan officers, and other people who push various papers all need to coordinate. Everyone who has a hand in a sale also gets paid! The beauty of working with MEGG Homes is that you’ll be able to enjoy a very one-on-one agreement. Nuisances like writing checks to strangers, waiting for approvals, and trying to coordinate your closing with the schedules of other people all disappear from the equation! Closing with MEGG Homes can happen in a fraction of the time that it would take to get a traditional closing done.


Are You Interested in Selling Your Property to MEGG Homes?

MEGG Homes purchases homes directly from homeowners in Polk County before renovating and restoring them to be ready for the market. Selling to MEGG Homes means you never have to deal with picky buyers looking for picture-perfect homes directly. Let us show you how to make a real sale without dealing with unrealistic expectations from Realtors and buyers. See how much you can sell your property for, today!