The Superintendent is responsible for coordinating and directing the constructing of homes  assigned by Production Manager. Coordination of materials, scheduling of labor and communication with trade partners are key components of the role. The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring the quality of construction during the building process. A significant degree of initiative and independent judgment must be used in the application of Company policies and standards. Work is performed under the administrative direction of the Production Manager who reviews and evaluates performance through conferences, reports, and field inspections.

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY AND DUTIES *In all responsibilities, apply the following philosophies: 

#1- Quality #2- Delay Prevention #3- Customer Service 


  • All jobsites should have an organized, detailed, and up to date 5-items daily.
  • All construction defects and issues will be properly documented and logged daily.
  • All repairs and replacements for all defects will be completed in a timely manner, so as to prevent unnecessary delays or variances.
  • Superintendents will effectively communicate to all parties: trades, other company departments, managers, all production teams, etc. to correct and prevent defects daily.
  • Ensure all issues and defects are identified, corrected, and all necessary steps to prevent them from reoccurring are taken daily, as well as to ensure that all phases of construction meet or exceed Megg Homes quality standards. 
  • Maintain fluent knowledge and execute company policies, procedures, and standards daily. 

Scopes of Work:

  • Ensure that all trades have a current and up to date scope of work/contract that they follow daily.
  • Effectively set expectations and communicate the details of the scopes of work/contract to each trade partner daily.
  • Hold yourself and the trades accountable to the scopes of work/contract.
  • Quickly identify any adjustments or changes required to the scopes of work/contract. Work closely with the Production Manager and the Purchasing Department to document these changes.
  • Approve payment for trade partners and suppliers every Wednesday through your provided Timberscan log in. All work must be 100% completed according to the specific scope of work/contract and meet or exceed Megg Homes quality standards.
  • Follow scope of work, budget, permit and color sheet provided by Production Manager and Marketing to ensure house is remodeled to plan.


Trade Partner Communication:

  • Superintendents will begin communicating and logging conversations with trade partners as soon as the house is released to construction. That daily, at minimum, communication will continue until the house is turned over to sales department.
  • Perform all specific trade partner meetings with each trade in person the day scheduled to start so every one is on the same page of the scope of work to be preformed.
  • Call each Trade partner daily throughout the construction process.
  • The Superintendent should try to coordinate at least two on site visits with each trade partner during the construction process. 
  • Communicate with each trade partner the budget for the job to be completed and be in agreement of budget before starting the construction.

Weekly Construction Schedule:

  • Create a master schedule for every job your responsible for each week.
  • Have a thorough rough draft created every Wednesday while using 5 items/Detailed lists & options.
  • Have a final draft completed on Thursday mornings.
  • Use your 5-items, detailed lists, and schedule checklists when you make your schedule to ensure that everything is accounted for, and nothing gets overlooked.
  • Properly strategize and communicate with trades to ensure you create a reliable and accurate schedule. 
  • Communicate and make calls on the schedule first thing every morning before running jobs/5-items. 

Material Deliveries and Usage:

  • Receive and study all material purchase orders to ensure we are ordering properly.
  • Order and schedule deliveries for all material required during the build.
  • Determine date, time, and location for all material deliveries.
  • Count all materials delivered to ensure that there are no shortages or mistakes.
  • Inspect all material to ensure we receive quality product.
  • Oversee the use of all material to ensure that the trades are using it properly and not moving the material around to other jobsites.
  • If more material is required to finish a job the superintendent is responsible for the following: Determine the reason, Communicate with  production manager identifying the reason and the recommended fix to prevent it from happening again, and oversee the ordering, delivery, quality, and usage of the new material ordered.
  • Adjust schedule, and execute as needed, to prevent material delays (2-week schedules, etc.)

Represent MEGG Homes:

  • Be professional and courteous.
  • Assist with all required tasks given by management.
  • Assist the Warranty Department as needed and directed by management.
  • Regularly police and maintain finished homes that are for sale.
  • Provide Service Certainty


  • Driving Results 
  • Fact-Based Management
  • Manage Quality 
  • Leadership Communication 
  • Coaching & Developing Others 
  • Team Building 


  • High school diploma from an accredited school or its equivalent
  • Two (2) years of work in a field with related/similar responsibilities. 
  • An equivalent combination of education, training and experience which provide the knowledge, skills and abilities and other competencies necessary for success in the target position may be considered.
  • May be required to work overtime, or alternate hours, as necessary for the efficient operation of the department.
  • Must possess a valid State of Florida driver’s license and maintain a clean motor vehicle record.
  • Must be able to pass a background check. 


  • Disciplined & Organized individual that is able to take new in new information daily. 
  • Trustworthy individual with positive attitude and strong work ethic.
  • Knowledge of supervisory and training techniques.
  • Ability to plan, assign, schedule, supervise, and review the work of others.
  • Ability to enforce policies and procedures firmly, tactfully, and impartially.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, trade partners, and the general public.

The following work conditions and physical requirements described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 


  • Requires manual work that involves walking or standing most of the time and potential for strenuous lifting/activity daily. 
  • The job risks exposure to inclement weather, toxic fumes, noxious odors, cold/hot temperature, wet/humid conditions, and environmental hazards. 
  • The job requires normal visual acuity, field of vision, hearing, speaking, depth perception and texture perception.

The preceding description is not designed to be a complete list of all duties and responsibilities required of the job. The company reserves the right to modify or change the job description at any time with or without notice. Employment is “at will”, and nothing in the job description should be construed as a contract for employment for any specified period of time. 

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