26 Traditional Recipes To Make For Your Thanksgiving Menu

What better way to bring your relatives together than with a nice meal for Thanksgiving? There are so many ways to keep your relatives stuffed on that day (along with the possibility of leftovers to keep or give), whether it’s the main course or the dessert waiting to be eaten. But when you’re in a rush to make a fantastic meal for your family, what options should you choose, and how should they be done? This dilemma can easily be solved when you go over the traditional Thanksgiving recipes out there, especially when you exactly know how to make them even better for your family. So are you ready to give your family the meal they’ve been starving for?

Let’s take a look at some recipes to make your dinner the best it’s ever been!

1. Roast Turkey

The standard part of every household’s Thanksgiving meal, and one that seems mandatory for the tradition. The best-cooked turkeys have the right amount of flavor to them as well as the right amount of roasting time and butter to accentuate the taste.

2. Mashed Potatoes

This creamy yet desirable side is made best with the right amount of milk and butter to make your taters feel mushier. It’s also great to add any flavor to your mashed potatoes, whether it’s salt, cheddar, or herbs.

3. Cranberry Sauce

Why buy canned cranberry sauce when it’s much more satisfying to make your own? The resulting side dish will better fit the homemade textures and taste that the other meals are going for, and it only takes 10 minutes to make your cranberry sauce!

4. Cornbread Dressing

This is one of the cases where buying cornbread dressing is fine, but making your own is even better! It’s also recommended to make it ahead of time so you won’t have to worry about its crisp textures.

5. Apple Pie

A classic part of American desserts, apple pie is certainly crucial to make your Thanksgiving meal feel a lot more complete than without it. Simply get a basic pie crust, choose whatever kind of apples you want, and make sure that it’s neither too watery nor soggy.

6. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This soup is good for your soul without a doubt, though be sure to make it as soon as you can, given how long it takes to cook it. You can also add any base or herbs, make potatoes an optional addition, and blend everything into a soup that is delectable in every way imaginable.

7. Green Bean Casserole

Think healthy with a green bean casserole made of onions, mushrooms, and chicken; a combination like this will keep you from getting stuffed too soon! What makes this dish special is that the cream used for mushroom soup is replaced with a sauce made with milk!

8. Roasted Brussel Sprouts

One of the easiest Thanksgiving dishes we have, roasted brussel sprouts make for a great addition thanks to their crispy textures and when their tray has enough room to heat them up properly.

9. Pecan Pie

An alternative to the classic apple pie, pecan pie adds a different flavor as well as a slightly different feel from chewing a piece that still makes it feel just as good as ever.

10. Sweet Potato Casserole

You may have already seen a dish involving potatoes or a dish involving casserole, but sweet potato casserole spices things up with the addition of cinnamon and nuts, even for those that want to use less sugar in their own cooking.

11. Candied Yams

Despite being too sweet for some, candied yams make for a nice part of a Thanksgiving dessert when they have an additional ingredient that comprises of two tablespoons of bourbon.

12. Gravy

Yet another classic part of Thanksgiving meals, gravy adds even more flavor to your mashed potatoes or something to smother on your piece of turkey. It’s almost like adding syrup on your pancakes or honey on your bread!

13. Traditional Stuffing

While this may seem too similar to most of the thanksgiving recipes mentioned already, it at least has some use when it’s made into a mix of bread cubes as well as herbs and onions. When stuffed into a turkey, it adds to the smell and makes the taste even better.

14. Pumpkin Pie

Another pie on this list of recipes, pumpkin pie makes for a great part of your dessert when it’s homemade! It’s recommended to make it before the dinner actually takes place, and it’s also great to taste even when it’s refrigerated.

15. Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows

Marshmallows may be more commonly used for a campfire treat, but they also make for a great addition to sweet potato casserole if you want to add even more of that candy goodness to an already sweet part of the dessert.

16. Roasted Vegetables

These may seem like burnt vegetables at first glance, but roasting them makes them even tastier than they would be on their own, especially when they’re added with the rest of your Thanksgiving meal.

17. Mashed Sweet Potatoes

These are similar to the standard mashed potatoes mentioned on the list, only with sweet potatoes replacing the other taters. These require you to steam your sweet potatoes instead of boiling them if you need to keep the nutrients intact.

18. Baked Sweet Potatoes

If you don’t want your sweet potatoes mashed, then perhaps you may like them baked instead! Open them up, add some butter, and dig in!

19. Skillet Green Beans

Another easy Thanksgiving dish to make, green beans only need to be tossed and roasted before they’re ready to be eaten.

20. Thanksgiving Themed Cake

If you don’t want to go with most of the dessert options mentioned, go with making a cake that’s themed after Thanksgiving, whether it’s a cartoony turkey or, if you’re talented, a cake that looks like a roasted turkey with the textures included (until you cut it, of course)

21. Flan

Sometimes known as cheesecake, this is a Mexican dessert that anyone else can enjoy if they want to make their sweet tooth happy, especially when they want to enjoy what other cultures make.

22. Thanksgiving-Themed Cookies

Cookies aren’t just for Christmas; make your cookies in the shape of a turkey or a leaf if you have the right cutters or if you can cut them right! Add any kind of chips or sprinkles for added flavor!

23. Roasted Cauliflower

Cauliflower on its own may not be that appetizing, but roasting it can unlock its hidden flavor and make you want to eat that vegetable more often, too!

24. Herby Rhodes Rolls

Bread with herbs added on the top with buttery textures to boot, what’s not to love with these little buns?

25. Dirty Rice

Don’t let its name fool you; its mix of chicken liver, ground beef, bacon grease, and bell peppers is actually tastier than the name itself!

26. Buttermilk Biscuits

The last of the 26 thanksgiving recipes on this list, buttermilk biscuits are yet another dessert option that can’t be set aside! They make for such a simple yet satisfying part of your meal and also go well with gravy, too.