4 Things You Didn’t Know Increase Your Home’s Value in Polk County

Most everyone understands that it is a good idea to spruce up the front yard of your home when you are getting ready to put it on the market. There are particular elements of your home that clearly will make it stand out from the pack. But what about the little things that many home sellers do not consider? Here are four surprising things that you did not know may increase your home’s value in Polk County.

Trendy Details: When listing the home, simply including details such as a “barn door” or “shiplap” will automatically raise interest in the property. Farmhouse chic is all of the rage these days. Other details that will increase the value of your home include farmhouse sinks and subway tile. By using the listing description to highlight these trendy features, you will automatically generate more interest and encourage more prospective buyers to tour your home.

Proximity to Major City: The location of your home to a major metropolitan area is another significant factor in its value. Simply owning a home in a major housing market means that you likely have a rapidly appreciating financial asset. Urban homes are worth up to 35% more than homes located in suburban areas. These urban properties also increase in value at a faster clip than their suburban and rural counterparts.

Proximity to a Starbucks: It may seem trivial, but your home’s proximity to a Starbucks may have a profound impact on its overall value. Homes that are located within walking distance or a short drive to Starbucks have increased in value at a quicker pace than those that are farther away. The phenomenon is not just limited to Starbucks. Proximity to Dunkin’ Donuts can also have a big effect on the value of a home. While the difference is not as marked as Starbucks, it still indicates that Americans want to be close to these conveniences when choosing their next home.

Blue is King: Color trends come and go. These days, blue is the color that is raising the value of a home. Recent research indicates that homes with blue kitchens are selling for a premium when compared to houses with kitchens that are simply painted white. The popularity of blue extends to the bathrooms of the home where lighter shades of blue reign supreme. Other cool neutrals, such as shades of gray, can boost the value of a home. The bottom line is that you need to choose your interior paint colors carefully if you want to get top dollar for your home.

When asking yourself what’s my home worth in Lakeland, you need to consider all of these small factors that may make a difference. Real estate companies in Lakeland can help you to figure out exactly how much your home is worth.