Bonnet Springs Park Is Going To Change Polk, Forever.

Lakeland, Florida is never going to be the same again, and that is all good news! A new project known as Bonnet Springs Park is about to bring changes the likes of which some didn’t think were possible in the area before. In a stroke of genius, the creators of this project have decided to put more of the influence of Mother Earth back into our modern world. A breath of fresh air is coming back to our city lives, and it is going to be magnificent. 


Taking A Step Back From The Stresses Of Daily Life

The vast majority of adults say that they have a lot of stress in their lives. Everything from paying bills to maintaining a marriage to raising children can add to that stress load. Thus, some people will require some time set aside to sit back and enjoy the peaceful offerings that the Earth gives to us naturally. This can be a way to relax a little and lower stress levels (and blood pressure!). 


Bonnet Springs Park promises to bring this to the residents of Lakeland, Florida who may not have had the opportunity to enjoy being one with nature in a long time. Giant oak trees and gargling springs are all part of the scenery that exist in this regional park. It is something that some have been looking forward to for a while. 


Public Spaces Serving A Diverse Population

A diverse population of people lives in this region of Florida, and they all have different needs and desires for how to use some public spaces. This park intends to provide public spaces that are multi-use and multi-function. They want people to have the opportunity to enjoy the park for what it is and also to make the park something all their own. 


Opportunities are planned for both recreational and educational functions in the park. Just imagine how easy it will be for local schools to use the space to teach science lessons and for corporations to use it for team-building activities. Individuals can also enjoy it for its simple beauty and ability to provide them a place to go to clear their heads and reset their mindsets. 


Respect For People And Nature

There are some core values that seep through everything that Bonnet Springs does. They want to emphasize the following as key to their mission:


Respect For All People (Inclusiveness)- Everyone is welcomed in the park, and everyone has equal standing with everyone else. The value of each human being is respected, and people are asked to treat one another with respect and dignity at all times. 


Responsible Management Of The Property- The park wants all visitors to help them maintain the park for use by others going forward. Each individual who enters is asked to help maintain the park and pick up after themselves. This will help preserve nature and make the experience of visiting the park that much nicer. 


New Urban Landscape- This concept combines the urban landscape that already exists with the nature that has always been with us. The point is that there can be a combination of the two and that the two can build on one another. There is no reason to assume that we have to choose one or the other. Instead, let us have both the comforts of our modern urban environment along with the joy that nature provides to us automatically. 


Park Receives Major Gift From Influential Family

A sign of things to come for this park and for how much it is already valued by the local population was put on display when the Hollins Family (a major name in the area) made a huge donation to the park. Their gift will be used to build a visitor’s center of sorts on the grounds. It will be a particularly useful resource for first-time visitors who want to learn more about the park, what it means to them, and what the mission of the park is going forward. 


The building has a beautiful design that will be able to accommodate a lot of visitors and provide them with the information they need about the park as well as help them make a transition between the urban environment that they are exiting and the natural environment that they are about to enter. There are even some gentle reminders to take care of the park respectfully so that others may enjoy it going forward as well. 


There are many wonderful things planned for this park, and there is so much interest and excitement around the park. The hope is that the life of this park will continue on and will continue to spark interest in the local community about all that Mother Nature has to offer and how it can be brought into our modern urban world as well.