Make Sure NOT To Forget These 6 Maintenance Tasks When Selling Your Home

If you’ve listed your home with a real estate agent in Lakeland, you’ve probably sighed with relief that you can finally take it easy. Except you probably can’t and shouldn’t. The months before listing a home are usually fraught with stress and projects, so it’s tempting to relax for a while. However, your home still needs daily – or at least weekly – maintenance to keep it looking pristine and attractive to buyers. The following tips can help your home sell more quickly as well as how to sell to us.

1. Maintain the walkways and the yard.

When leaves accumulate and the grass needs mowed, it’s almost a declaration to anyone that the premises are unoccupied. To avoid vandalism, be sure the landscaping is well maintained, pick up your mail regularly or have it forwarded from the post office, and have lights on timers throughout the home, so it doesn’t look empty. If you have a spare, operational vehicle, put it in the driveway.

2. Check the roof for leaks and keep the gutters cleared.

Clogged rain gutters can damage your roof, and leaks can start. Improperly drained water can also damage the foundation and cause the basement to flood. Avoid these headaches by periodically inspecting the roof and clearing out the rain gutters.

3. Avoid uninvited guests.

While you’re inspecting the roof and gutters, make sure there are no open spaces large enough for squirrels, raccoons, or other freeloaders to take up residence and close up access areas with hardware cloth or wire mesh. Even if you think a space is too small for access, cover it. It’s amazing how creatures can compact themselves when they want access to an area. If they can’t fit, they can enlarge the area with their paws, and it can be costly to repair the damage they make.

4. Keep your windows spotless.

Window washing isn’t strictly relegated to spring cleaning. Your home will look more attractive when your windows are spotlessly clean. It will help make a better first impression, and your buyers will know that if you keep the windows that clean, the remainder of the home will be similarly maintained.

5. Stow out-of-season furniture and equipment.

You don’t want to leave your snow shovel out in the summer, and you don’t usually need outdoor furniture at Christmas. To a prospective buyer, this indicates a lack of proper maintenance, whether that’s true or not.

6. Make sure your HVAC system works.

Have your heating and air conditioning unit professionally serviced before you list your home, and set the thermostat at about 66 degrees in the winter and about 78 degrees in the summer. Prospective buyers will look longer when they’re not freezing or sweltering. If you have a chimney, have it professionally serviced as well to ensure that there are no cracked tiles in the flue and the mortar is intact. Also, get the ductwork and filters cleaned at this time so your home doesn’t smell like dust when the heat or air comes on.

Maintenance will pay for itself…

The result of proper maintenance and attention to detail will pay off with less time on the market and the proceeds will be in your pocket sooner. It may be inconvenient, but it will be worth the investment in time.

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