Why Dixieland’s Historic District Will Become Lakeland’s Spot To Be

There are many reasons for you to move to Lakeland. This is true whether you are a parent looking for the perfect place to raise your family, if you’re young and looking to root yourself in a growing city, or if you have recently retired and are looking for a location to spend a healthy and active retirement. Lakeland is a place that can cater to a wide variety of interests and needs. 

If you’re searching for a particularly exciting, diverse, and up-and-coming spot to buy a home in Lakeland, we can heartily recommend the Dixieland historic district. This is one of the city’s most storied and active neighborhoods, with an illustrious past and an even more enchanting future. 


Where is Dixieland and Why Should You Get to Know it?

Dixieland is one of Lakeland’s oldest and most historic districts within the city. You’ll find it snugly ensconced between Lake Hunter on the east and Dobbins Park to the south. In the middle, it mostly runs along Walnut Street. So much for the mere coordinates. 

What’s so great about this area? 

The answer is in the vast variety of shops, parks, and historic amusements that you can easily find here. No matter what time of the day you find yourself strolling along one of Dixieland’s streets, you’re sure to find something rewarding. And this is why the neighborhood has long been one of Central Florida’s best-kept secrets. 


This is a Neighborhood with a Long and Proud History

Since it was first founded in 1907, Dixieland has been the jewel of Lakeland. This classic old-fashioned neighborhood is simultaneously one of the most fashionable and fast developing in the region. You’ll find plenty of excitement along with lots of scope for peaceful relaxation. 

You couldn’t ask for a neighborhood with a longer or prouder history. While there are plenty of historic areas within Lakeland, Dixieland takes the cake and runs with it. In fact, the entire neighborhood was declared an official Historic Site in 1994. Incidentally, home values remain at a very reasonable level, but with the future looking bright for Dixieland, they might see a pop in price. 


Dixieland is a Safe and Family Friendly Neighborhood

One of the prime reasons that Dixieland is attracting so much recent attention is because people are coming to see it as the perfect place to raise a family. Not only does Dixieland boast an elementary school that received an “A” rating, it can also crow about that very same school being a 2013 Exceeding Expectations Award School.

And there is much more to crow about besides the mere excellence of the educational experience. Dixieland is filled with family-friendly spots, such as Dobbins Park, Cobb & Penn, Born & Bread, Patriot Coffee Roasters, Concord Coffee, Scout & Tag, and many more. This is a neighborhood where people truly do look after one another and the safety of your children is paramount. 


Special Events Are Always in the Planning Stage

No truly historic neighborhood is complete without its share of special events. And Dixieland definitely exceeds its quota. You may have heard of First Friday, but you haven’t truly toured Lakeland until you check out Dixieland’s festive Last Friday event. And this is only the tip of the event iceberg. 

There’s a Spring Arts Festival, Food Truck Rallies, and plenty of happenings centered around Munn Park and Lake Mirror. And, yes, if you have a craving for a classic First Friday, we’ve got them to go along with our raucous Last Friday. If you need a reason to be out of doors and having fun, Dixieland truly is the place to congregate.


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