Bonnet Springs Park Is Going To Change Polk, Forever.

Lakeland, Florida is never going to be the same again, and that is all good news! A new project known as Bonnet Springs Park is about to bring changes the likes of which some didn’t think were possible in the area before. In a stroke of genius, the creators of this project have decided to…

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open floor plan

5 Reasons Open Floor Plans Have Become So Popular

The open floor plan has become the preferred style for a substantial number of new and remodeled homes. First conceptualized in the 1880s as the brainchild of architect Frank Lloyd Wright, open-floor plans became an ingenious way to make the most of advances in centralized heating in the 1990s. Designed to seamlessly eliminate partition walls…

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10 Benefits of Selling Your House to MEGG Homes

Are you just assuming that working with a Realtor is the only way to get your home sold? Plenty of people have success with Realtors. However, the setup of the traditional home-selling process doesn’t always benefit every seller. Even people who have good experiences with Realtors don’t typically have much experience with other options that…

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LKLD Spotlight: Ryan Larson of Amerifirst

MEGG Homes is passionate and dedicated to providing an amazing real estate experience when buying homes and restoring them for the homebuyers of our community. Since we were founded in 2011, we have built a committed team of professionals who have a mission of meeting the needs of the residential housing market, which continues to…

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10 Cheap DIY’s That Might Make Your Friend’s Jealous

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to rest, relax, spend time with family, and sometimes entertain guests. If you aren’t happy with your home and want to improve it, you aren’t likely to enjoy it as much or invite guests over until the improvements are complete. Luckily, for homeowners who do…

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Why It’s Smart To Buy A Remodeled Home in Polk County

Are you thinking about buying a home? There are plenty of top-quality choices to be had all over the county, but if you are thinking about buying homes in Central Florida, MEGG Homes may be able to provide you with your dream home quicker than you think. At MEGG Homes, it is our goal to…

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